Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Big Screen Buyers Tip #1 - Find the right TV size for your room

How far you sit away from the television will be a big factor in your overall television viewing experience. The picture quality, clarity and detail is very distance dependent. For instance, lets say you are watching HDTV - true HDTV - then your optimal sitting distance is going to be determined by multiplying the screen size (the diagonal screen size) by two. So, if you have a 42-inch television screen, you can sit as close as 7 feet. However, standard television broadcasts, watching VHS videos, and playing most video games looks pretty bad at that distance. In these instances, you'd want to sit about 3 times the diagonal screen size away from the television instead of two. However, you probably don't want to move your chair around, so settle in at about 2 1/2 times the diagonal screen size as a good distance for overall TV watching. This is going to be consistent for plasma televisions, LCD televisions and projector televisions.


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