Thursday, October 20, 2005

Mark Cuban on HD DVD, Blue Ray and their place with your big screen television

Mark Cuban has an interesting take on the next gen DVD war thats currently being waged between HD DVD and Blue Ray formats. Take a look...

" I love looking for ways to screw up conventional wisdom. Right now in the entertainment world, the conventional wisdom is that both sides on the HD DVD vs Blue Ray DVD will battle it out and a standard for HD on DVD will emerge. No one is trying to rush to a compromise because the big media companies want to squeeze as much money as they possibly can out the
current DVD business cycle.

Good. The longer it takes, the less chance any format of DVD has of having a place in the future of home entertainment. Don’t look now, but the price and size of hard drives have fallen like a rock, while capacities have soared, with no slowdown in site. "

It really would be interesting to see hard drives take a place in home media centers, but how would the content be delivered? Over broadband? What about hard drive failure, which would wipe out an entire collection of movies, music, etc. You would have to back up to something - another hard drive at least, or something like a writeable....DVD.

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